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    Welcome to the official website of Fashion!

    Company profile

    Fashion Electrical Applainces MFG. CO., LTD set up since 2007, which it is a professional manufacturer for Coffee Maker, Kettles, Egg Boilers and so on.. Fashion management team has more than 20 years of experience in tooling design, product design and quality control of small electrical appliances. In-house R&D, tooling making, production & quality control ensure our products in good quality and an annual productive capacity of 2,500,000 pieces.


    Fashion has develop a series of coffee makers, kettles, egg boilers and so on in the past years. All of our products are approved by GS, CE, LVD, ETL/CETL, EMC, ROHS, LFGB & ERP. The operation of ISO9001 & BSCI brings effective management and makes us satisfy our  customers with excellent service. We will push out new items on the market each year according to market tends and customer’s requirements.


    Fashion’s products are promoted on TV, home shopping channels, chain stores, malls and mail order catalogs to worldwide customers. They are excellent premiums, gifts and promotion items. We established good business relationship with worldwide friends. OEM and ODM orders are welcome. We can achieve your plans and projects within short time.


    Welcome to our company! We will try our best to cooperate with you based on good faith and excellent service.

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